Gift Ideas for Him
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Gifts for Him

Sometimes it's really hard to come up with gift ideas for him. This list is not for the
guy who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on the slippers they want,
but for the guy you want to get a nice gift, but isn't that helpful when it comes to
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Why we like it:
Keep all your accessories—even
electronics—neatly secured within this
jacket. 12 pockets carry an MP3 player,
cell phone, PDA, keys, water bottle and
 Serious stuff.
Price: $79.99
Technology-Ready Fleece Jacket
Technology-Ready Jacket
Why we like it:
A classic phone updated with modern
features.  Great for a home office.
Price: $49.95
Crosley 302 Desk Phone
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Why we like it:
Let's face it - you wouldn't be here if you
wanted to give a gift certificate. However, if
you are really stuck, sending a certificate
with a suggestion of what to buy shows you
have thought about it.
Price: $5-$5000 Gift Certificate
Why we like it:
Honor his culinary talents with this
barbecue platter - and pretend you're
only joking of course.  Can be
personalized with a special pen (sold
Price: $30
Barbecue Platter  "It's not burned.  It's blackened."
Why we like it:
You know he wants one (and you
probably do too).  Just the right size for
the bedroom, particularly if wall-mounted.
That could be a useful distraction....
Price: $687.54
Samsung 26" LCD HDTV
Samsung LCD TV
NHL Interactive
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