Gift Ideas for Him
Gift Ideas for Him
Bright Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes it's really hard to come up with gift ideas for him.  This list is not for the
guy who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on the slippers they want,
but for the guy you want to get a nice gift, but isn't that helpful when it comes to
Gift Ideas for Him
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Why we like it:
This gift would appeal to the gadget guy
and is great for carrying around photos of
loved ones (including his new car).
Pictures are downloaded from PC or Mac
and it holds up to 56 images.
Price: $50
Digital Photo Keychain
Digital Photo Keychain
Brookstone Deals
Why we like it:
Way cool!  Charges your cell phone,
camera, GPS, iPod, batteries etc. etc.  
Takes 2-4 hours (depending how sunny it
is).  Great for the outdoor gadget guy.
Price: $129.95
Multiport Solar Charger
Foldable Multiport Solar Charger
Why we like it:
If he is a coffee lover this is a great gift.  
The range of drinks is excellent - regular
coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, teas, hot
Price: 109.88
Ductigami - The Art of the Tape
Why we like it:
18 projects including: wallet, lunchbox,
barbecue apron, raingear for pets, toilet
roll cover. This will keep him busy for
hours!  There's nothing quite like duct
Price: $10.17
Ductigami - The Art of the Tape
Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage System
Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage System
Mr Beer Home Brewing Kit
Why we like it:
Make your own beer in two weeks!  We
recommend the Premium Edition ($49.99)
at it includes bottles.  This kit can be
re-used with refill kits - there is even a
beer of the month club!
Price: starts at $39.99
Brewing Kit
Why we like it:
Nothing marks a birthday, anniversary or
other occasion like a trip to an event.  
Visit the theatre, watch baseball, listen to
the Police.  Whatever floats your boat!
Price: totally depends on the event.
Tickets to a Concert, Show or Sports Event
Garmin StreetPilot GPS Navigation System
Why we like it:
Help him find his way, even when he's
pretending he knows where he is!  
Pre-loaded with map data, you can
choose between the 3-D view or the
traditional map view.
Price: $249.54
Garmin Streetpilot
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