Gift Ideas for Her
Gift Ideas for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Her

We've all been there - hardly any time before her birthday, it's impossible to
decode the hints, and you know if you get this wrong you will pay.

Never fear!  We have put together some excellent gift ideas for her that you can
either buy, or will stimulate your sub-conscious to deliver the meaning of that
hint.  Now is not the time to panic!
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Why we like it:
This is an improvement on other
forecasters because you don't have to
fiddle around setting something up
outside and it's a real forecast. Plus it
sticks to the refrigerator!
Price: $85
5-day Wireless Weather Forecaster
Brookstone Deals
Why we like it:
It doesn't keep the whole house clean but it
is great for specific rooms/areas that aren't
cleaned often or need to be kept particularly
clean.  There are more advanced models
plus models to clean hard wood/tile.
Price: $199.95
Sage Roomba
Sage Roomba
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Why we like it:
This is really easy to use and you get
marvellous results for little effort.  Great
for apartments, or for people who aren't
into tending a big garden.
Price: $149.95
Why we like it:
This watch has pink or white mother-of-pearl
face, crystal markings and a bezel set with
Swarovski crystals.  Men's watch also
Price: $170 for woman's version
Vabene Watch
Crystal Watch
Why we like it:
Let's face it - you wouldn't be here if you
wanted to give a gift certificate. However, if
you are really stuck, sending a certificate
with a suggestion of what to buy shows you
have at least thought about it.
Price: $5-$5000 Gift Certificate
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