Gift Ideas for Her
Gift Ideas for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Her
Gift Ideas for Her

We've all been there - hardly any time before her birthday, it's impossible to
decode the hints, and you know if you get this wrong you will pay.

Never fear!  We have put together some excellent gift ideas for her that you can
either buy, or will stimulate your sub-conscious to deliver the meaning of that
hint.  Now is not the time to panic!
Dont forget! If you see a yellow circle (    ) next to an item or link, click on it for special offers or coupon codes.
Price: $249.99
Price: $99.95
Why we like it:
A long-lasting gift that looks great in the
garden.  Don't put it above anything
valuable though.
Price: $58
Safe Haven Bird Feeder
Safe Haven Bird Feeder
Why we like it:
Hey, if you can't afford expensive  diamond
jewelry, why not buy her stock in someone
who makes it? The frame, matte and
engraving can all be personalized.  There
are many other stocks available.
Price: $148
One Share of Tiffany & Co Stock
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Why we like it:
Now they can carry their whole CD collection
around in their pocket plus movies, TV
shows etc. Plus it has a host of accessories
so you'll have gift ideas for years!
Apple 30GB Video iPod
Apple 30GB Video iPod
Why we like it:
Discovered in 1994 in Australia, this tree had
only been seen previously as a fossil. Join in
the conservation effort by growing one
indoors or outdoors in certain parts of the
Wollemi Pine - The Living Fossil
Wollemi Pine
Why we like it:
Not every woman wants flowers, jewelry
etc.  Don't be afraid to get her something
practical! (As long as it's pink and has a
nail file...)
Price: $27.99
Why we like it:
Get a printed, bound photo book,
customized for you, with hardly any work!  
Multiple options - from soft cover to
leather.  Create an album with the kids, a
holiday, honeymoon photos etc.
Price: from $9.99
Leatherman Multitool Knofe
Leatherman P4 Squirt Multitool Knife
Picaboo Deals
Picaboo Photo Book
Why we like it:
Blur-free photos and movies are a snap
with this Casio credit-card size digital
camera. Comes with anti-shake
Price: $238.54
Casio 10.1MP Exilim Camera
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