Bright Gift Ideas
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Picaboo Photo Book
Why we like it:
Get a printed, bound photo book,
customized for you, with hardly any work!  
Create an album about how he makes
you laugh, a holiday, how you met or just
some silly pictures.
Price: from $9.99
Why we like it:
A classic gift for the beer drinker.  Add two
lines of your own to the design. It's
something he'll treasure (and use) for
Price: $24.95
25oz Engraved Beer Mug
Picaboo Photo Book
Engraved Beer Mug
Why we like it:
Records distance thrown within one
yard.Let yesterday's aspiring quarterback
feel young again!  Gets him out in the
yard and doing some exercise!
Price: $19.95
Virtual Distance Football
Virtual Distance Football
Stellanova Blue/Silver Levitating Globe
Why we like it:
Like magic!  Looks great on a desk in the
office or as an ornament at home.
Price: $39.99
Why we like it:
An American icon and a masculine icon.  
The frame, matte and engraving can all
be personalized.  There are many other
stocks available.
Price: $137
One Share of Harley-Davidson Stock
Stellanova Blue/Silver Levitating Globe
5-In-1 Emergency Radio & Spotlight
Why we like it:
Solar, hand crank or car power socket
powered.  Can be used in the car,
camping or in your emergency kit.
Price: $39.95
Why we like it:
Let's face it - you wouldn't be here if you
wanted to give a gift certificate. However, if
you are really stuck, sending a certificate
with a suggestion of what to buy shows you
have thought about it.
Price: $5-$5000 Gift Certificate
5-In-1 Emergency Radio & Spotlight
Why we like it:
Way cool!  Charges your cell phone,
camera, GPS, iPod, batteries etc. etc.  
Takes 2-4 hours (depending how sunny it
is).  Great for the outdoor gadget guy.
Price: $129.95
Foldable Multiport Solar Charger
Multiport Solar Charger
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Father's Day

One of the hardest people to get gifts for, your Father is a mystery.  Who knows what
he really wants?  What has he got hidden in the back of the garage?  All you know is
that he's always said he liked what you have given him in the past - but can you trust
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