Father's Day - Sports

OK, so he probably doesn't actually play many sports but almost all fathers participate,
shall we say, from the sidelines.  Here are some sports-related gift ideas.
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Bright Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
A personalized message from Brett Favre
or 23 other players.  The photo is digitally
signed and you can add one of three
Price: $34.95
Signed NFL Player Photo
Why we like it:
Invented by the Greeks, this is a superb
game for relaxing with friends or family in
the evening.  This set comes in chrome
with a nylon case and instructions
(fortunately not in Greek).
Price: $29 reduced from $65
Chrome Bocce Set
Why we like it:
Let him settle down in front of ESPN with a
beverage and this gift basket.  Chocolate
balls, cheese spread, cookies and more.  
Perfect for the armchair athlete.
Price: $39.99
Father's Day Sports Basket
Why we like it:
This dartboard has 30 games you can
play against the computer or with friends.  
A great way to unwind after a long day on
the couch!
Price: $49.95 reduced from $119.95
Talking Electronic Dartboard
Why we like it:
Show how much you love him while he
shows which team he loves.  All NFL
teams available.
Price: $19.99
NFL T-shirt for Dad
Why we like it:
Let him pretend he still has a chance to
get in with the big boys.  Personalize it
with his name so he knows the dream is
still alive.  Or just get his favorite player if
he's a little more realistic.
Price: from $49.99
NBA Personalized Jersey
Why we like it:
Make sure he knows that he's cheating
with this leather-bound USGA Rules of the
Game.  Can be personalized with up to
three initials.
Price: $29.95
Leather USGA Rules of the Game
Why we like it:
Records distance thrown within one yard.
Let yesterday's aspiring quarterback feel
young again!  Gets him out in the yard
and doing some exercise!
Price: $19.95
Virtual Distance Football
Virtual Distance Football
Player Photo
USGA Rules of the Game
Sports Basket
Talking Electronic Dartboard
NFL T-shirt
Bocce Set
Father's Day Gifts