Father's Day - Personalized Gifts

Make sure it has his name on or a picture of you so he won't forget!  Personalization
makes it that little bit more special.
The perfect gift...
Need inspiration?  
We have the solution!
Bright Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
For some reason the Swiss make really
good pocket knives, and this is a beauty.  
Not too big to attach to a key chain and it
can be personalized with up to 3 initials.
Price: $48
Monogrammed Stainless Steel Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Knife
Why we like it:
A classic gift for the beer drinker.  Add two
lines of your own to the design. It's
something he'll treasure (and use) for
Price: $24.95
25oz Engraved Beer Mug
Engraved Beer Mug
Why we like it:
Make sure he doesn't forget your face
with this photo watch.  Quartz movement,
black leather band, stainless steel back.  
You can upload the photo or mail it in.
Price: $32.95
A Picture In Time Photo Quartz Watch
Why we like it:
An LED flashlight, it can be seen from
more than a mile away and is 10 times
bright and 20 times longer lasting than
traditional flashlights. Can be engraved
with up to three initials.
Price: $30
Monogrammed Compact Flashlight
Why we like it:
Simply upload a photo, describe the
scene you want and the artist will take
care of the rest. Have him winning the
Superbowl, gambling in Vegas or simply
putting out the trash. It's up to you.
Price: $52.95
Caricature Print
Why we like it:
A personal and subtle gift.  Put whatever
nickname you like on these high quality
boxer shorts.  Just to make it clear - we
have no desire to know what you wrote....
Price: $30
Nickname Boxers
Why we like it:
Never let him get away from the kids with
this photo collage mouse pad.  You could
go all the way and get him the
coordinating mug and tie. They'll really
enjoy that in the office...
Price: $12.95
Photo Collage Mouse Pad
Why we like it:
A nice little plaque to remind him of you
while he's relaxing in his hammock.  
Maybe next year you can get him the
Price: $20
Hammock Plaque
Father's Day Gifts