Anniversary Gifts for Him from Bright Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gifts for Him
Bright Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

A selection of anniversary gift ideas for any year.
Anniversary Gifts for Him
Why we like it:
An American icon and a masculine icon.  
The frame, matte and engraving can all
be personalized.  There are many other
stocks available.
Price: $149
One Share of Harley-Davidson Stock
Why we like it:
You KNOW he'd be happy to get one of
these babies.
Price: $687.54
Liquid Crystal Display HDTV
Samsung LCD TV
Why we like it:
This version of the Roomba is designed
for workshops with hard floors or industrial
carpeting.  It sweeps up nuts, bolts, dirt,
and other debris from his shop floor --
which means he won't have to.
Price: $129.99
Dirt Dog
Why we like it:
What guy now days doesn't have a ton of
electronic gadgets?  Help him organise his
iPod, phone, blackberry etc.  Fits up to six
Price: $75
Charging Valet for Handheld Electronic Devices
Valet for Electronic Devices
Why we like it:
A watch is a classic gift.  This is a particularly
handsome specimen.  The four-eye dial
features including month, date, day and
24-hour/military time subdials
Price: $118
Four-Eye Oval Watch
Four-eye Oval Watch
Why we like it:
No matter what sport they follow, they will
love a jersey from their favorite team.
Personalized ones are available, or you
can get one with their favorite player on.
Price: Starting around $50, to about $300
Professional Team Jerseys
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Why we like it:
A stylish platinum plated pen with elegant
diamond pattern engraving.  A must for a
writer or for the office.
Price: $145
Platinum Plated Ball-Point Pen
Why we like it:
On a conference table or carried into a
meeting, this fine, tan genuine leather
portfolio makes an impressive statement,
especially with their full name artfully
engraved across the front.
Price: $52.95
Personalized Leather Portfolio
Personalized Leather Portfolio
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Why we like it:
This stainless steel pocket flask features
intricate detail in the brushed finish base
with convenient, attached cap for easy open
& close and funnel, so not a drop is missed.
Can be monogrammed.
Price: $26.95
Pocket Flask
Why we like it:
Perfect for the traveller or the movie addict.  
Price: $179.98 DVD player
Panasonic Portable DVD Player
Why we like it:
A classic watch. Comes with a 13" chain and
display box.
Price: $149
Seiko Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch
Why we like it:
Nothing marks an anniversary like a
romantic trip for two to an event.  Visit the
theatre, watch baseball, listen to the
Police.  Whatever floats your boat!
Price: totally depends on the event.
Tickets to a Concert, Show or Sports Event
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Why we like it:
Great for playing on the beach or in the
backyard.  Made of steel, comes with
stakes, rules and heavy duty case.
Price: $39.99
Steel Horseshoe Set
Steel Horseshoe Set
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