Anniversary Gifts for a Couple from Bright Gift Ideas
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Anniversary Gifts for a Couple
Anniversary Gifts for a Couple
Bright Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gifts for a Couple

A selection of anniversary gift ideas for any year.
Anniversary Gifts for a Couple
Anniversary Clock
Porcelain Statue
Lucite Sculpture
Wollemi Pine
Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage System
Why we like it:
Nothing marks an anniversary like a
romantic trip for two to an event.  Visit the
theatre, watch baseball, listen to the
Police.  Whatever floats your boat!
Price: totally depends on the event.
Why we like it:
A marvellous project for a couple.  These
double tree frames are design to artfully
show the couple's respective lineage.  
Don't worry - it includes instructions!
Price: $88
Tickets to a Concert, Show or Sports Event
Couple's Genealogy Tree
Genealogy Tree
Why we like it:
A classic gift for an anniversary, the fact that
the modern symbol for the first anniversary
is clocks just adds to it's appeal.  Has an
hourly Westminster chime which turns off
Price: $39.95
Seth Thomas Anniversary Clock
Why we like it:
They may still not wear much in bed.  Just
in case, get them these his or her's
Turkish cotton pajamas.  Can be
personalized with up to 20 characters.
Price: $85
Nickname Pajamas
Why we like it:
A fine porcelain statue demonstrates your
passion and commitment.  Four designs
available for the base that can be
Price: $58.95
Heart to Heart Statue
Why we like it:
These have been named after the snow
covered peaks of Kaz, one of the most famous
mountains in Turkey.  9% lead crystal, and
made in Turkey.
Price: $110-145
Lead Crystal Candles
Why we like it:
Upload or mail a color photograph of the
happy couple and it will be reproduced on
the back of this lucite sculpture.  It can be
personalized with two names to give it
that intimate touch
Price: $36.95
Photo Art 3-D Lucite Sculpture
Why we like it:
Kitchen appliances are, as a rule, a bit
dicey as gifts.  However, this one is a bit
different from the norm and makes great
Price: $49.72
Panini Maker
Professional Panini Maker
Why we like it:
Each vase is blown and finished by hand
using the same techniques employed by
glass craftsmen since before the Industrial
Revolution. Inscribed with the message
"Hearts that love are always in bloom".
Price: $110
Simon Pearce Vase
Why we like it:
A beautiful selection of silver ware, it
includes a marble and silver tray, silver
cheese markers and a set of knives.  The
items can also be bought separately.
Price: $100
Silver and Marble Cheese Serving Set
Why we like it:
Discovered in 1994 in Australia, this tree had
only been seen previously as a fossil. Join in
the conservation effort by growing one
indoors or outdoors in certain parts of the
Price: $99.95
Wollemi Pine - The Living Fossil
Why we like it:
A traditional gift that is very practical. It's a
45-piece dinnerware collection with 8 place
settings plus 5 serving pieces.
Price: $149.99
Churchill China Brook Blue 45-Piece Dinnerware Set
Why we like it:
If they are coffee lovers this is a great
gift.  The range of drinks is excellent -
regular coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, teas,
hot chocolate.
Price: 109.88
Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage System
Why we like it:
This fine pair of crystal flutes can be
personalized with the names and the
anniversary date.  Choose from two
Price: $30.95
Crystal Flute Set
Why we like it:
Transform any garden, patio, deck or home
into a gallery of motion and beauty.  Time
and the elements will further enhance this
sculpture as the natural copper develops a
spectacular verdigris patina.
Price: $39.99
Double Galaxy Copper Wind Spinner
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Why we like it:
Let them commemorate their favorite
moments with this elegant frame. The frame
comes in two sizes and can be personalized
with four lines.
Price: $30-$40
Personalized Silver Frame
Personalizable Silver Frame
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