Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
By Tony Connor

You could say "the person who has everything" is someone that seems to have a lot of things or someone who doesn't want
anything. Or, more likely, they are just a person that it's really hard to choose a gift for (perhaps because they have lots of
things, don't want anything etc.).

Here are some tips to help chose a gift for the person who has everything.

Making a craft gift is an option, particularly if the gift is from a child. They won't have one like it, and it should have some
emotional attachment.

Doing something with photographs is another idea. Obviously the photo is new, but you could also present it in a different way.
Perhaps have an oil painting made from it, put a slide show on a digital photo frame or put it on a t-shirt.

Find out what their favorite movie or movie star is. You could then look on eBay for props from the movie, autographed items, or
kitsch. (I found a John Wayne TV tray marvelous if you're a John Wayne fan!)

Give something that is meaningful in some context. Perhaps the record of the first song you ever danced to (you might need to
get a record player too!), a newspaper from their birthday or something with their birthstone on.

Whatever you get I think if you show you have thought about it, it will be appreciated!
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