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How to Give a Great Mothers Day Celebration

How to Give a Great Mothers Day Celebration
By Anne Harvester

Everyone has a mother, and around the world, no matter which culture or geographic location, you can rest assured that some form of Mother's Day will be celebrated. It is a well-known fact that more of us go out to eat at a restaurant on Mother's Day than on any other holiday of the year. Every holiday has its food and customs, yet in the U.S. Mother's Day has few customary traditions. Instead, you can be sure to give your mother a great Mother's Day gift in the form of a festive celebration that focuses on all the things your Mother likes, in all its customized glory.

Food is always an important consideration in every celebration, and Mother's Day is no exception. It is easy to make sure that you cover all bases when it comes to gift food for your mother when you present her with gourmet Mother's Day gift baskets. You can be sure to select all the different types of special foods that she enjoys, and include a bit of everything in your customized gift basket. If she is a lover of sweets, then you might wish to add gourmet chocolates, candies, and baked goods. These items could consist of milk, dark or white chocolate truffles, or hand-dipped candies, whereas the baked items could start with decorated gourmet cookies and end with chocolate-dipped pretzels. On the other hand, your Mom may prefer the savory side of life. This is when glorious tastes such as imported gourmet caviar, capers, anchovies, olives, and cheeses might cause her mouth to water. A fine bottle of wine or champagne would be a fantastic finish to a thoughtful gift.

Another way to customize a celebration to what your Mother enjoys is through the use of color in decorations. If your celebration is meant to be a surprise, you might be able to determine your Mom's favorite colors by the clothes she wears, or the color of flowers she grows in her garden, or even the paint colors she has used in her home. But likely she has told you what shades she likes at one time or another. Now is the time to use those hues to glorious effect, in terms of decorating the table for the celebration, the flowers you might select, and the colors of gift wraps and ribbons that she would most enjoy. It is easy to create a great impression when your gift basket not only includes items in her favorite colors, but the basket itself is wrapped in colorful sheer plastics, and tied with layers of ribbons in all the tones she gravitates toward. The final touch is to include a beautiful gift card to commemorate her happy day.

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