Ideal Graduation Gifts
By Tony Connor

Graduation is an event that should to be commemorated no matter what the occasion. Whether it is high school, college, evening
class, beauty school or bar tending academy it is a rite of passage that honors those that have put in a lot of work and are now
ready to use that knowledge in the real world.

With this in mind I think the most ideal gifts are those that mark the occasion. Yes, they may like a big check, a car or a
European trip but even if you give them something like that you should also give them something that shows you are proud of

Personalized gifts can be a nice way of showing your appreciation. Perhaps a leather portfolio or a photo frame with a picture of
them in their graduation outfit. A personalized laundry bag would be a practical gift too, assuming they do laundry when they have
left the nest!

Something for their dorm/apartment is always appreciated. It could range from a TV to a vacuum cleaner to a cookbook. An
indoor basketball game or arcade game could make them popular on their dorm, as would an LCD TV.

Luggage is a popular gift. They will (hopefully) be coming back often and it can be used for many years to come (particularly on
that European trip).

There are many other choices - iPods, stereos, computers etc. The main thing is that it is thoughtful and means something to
both the giver and the receiver.
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