Father’s Day – 10 Reason Why It’s So Hard to Buy Your Dad a Gift
by Tony Connor

Fathers – they are either the guy who has everything, or the guy who wants for nothing.  Which is pretty
much the same thing when you are trying to think of a Father’s Day gift for them.  

Who knows what they have hoarded away at the back of the garage, in the attic or  the garden shed?  You can bet there are a lot
of old birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day presents back there!

Every year we wrack our brains to come up with a great gift idea, and every year it gets harder and harder.  Here are some
reasons why it’s so hard to pick that perfect gift for Father’s Day.

1.        No one can remember when Father’s Day is.

2.        He already has more TV remote organizers than remotes.

3.        They are all out of the Dale Earnhardt NASCAR slippers at the store.

4.        He believes Father’s day is just another plot by the greeting card companies to increase sales.

5.        He hasn’t forgiven you for sending him flowers during your "new age" phase.

                6.        You have no idea what his clothing size has gone up to.

                7.        He probably doesn’t need a fourth tire pressure gauge.

                8.        He keeps bringing up that pesky "why didn't you finish college" subject.

                9.        He knows the staff in the tool department at Home Depot by name; and is invited to most of
                           their birthdays.

10.       He hasn’t given you your allowance yet

So good luck, and remember: the old adage “the pleasure is in the giving” probably applies to Fathers more than anyone else!
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