Anniversary Gifts - Traditional and Modern
Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Traditional and Modern
By Tony Connor

The traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts have both good and bad aspects.

The good part about it is that it focuses the mind in terms of what to get, demonstrates you have thought about it and has
sentimental value. The bad is that is restricts the things you can get and in some cases makes it very difficult. I have to admit
that finding a bronze gift nowadays is no mean feat!

The history begins in the early days of Christianity where they took every opportunity to celebrate something. A wedding
anniversary was an obvious occasion and fitted well into their belief system, making it a cause of celebration for the whole group,
village etc.

Until a couple of centuries ago only eight anniversaries had gifts designated to them: first (paper), fifth (wood), tenth (tin),
fifteenth (crystal), twentieth (china), twenty-fifth (silver), fiftieth (gold) and sixtieth (diamond).

By the mid 1800s this had expanded to the first fifteen anniversaries and every five years after that up to the sixtieth. The items
were (roughly) based on the value of the goods, assigning more value the longer the union.

In more recent time modern gifts have been allocated to make it easier for people to actually get gifts and fitting in more with
current habits and tastes.

People, in general, tend to stick to the major milestones in trying to match the appropriate anniversary gift, and simply get
something meaningful for the anniversaries in between.

The list below should only be one factor when getting an anniversary gift. Knowledge of the person, your shared interests and what
they would actually like should also be factored in.

First paper, clocks
Second cotton, china
Third leather, crystal/glass
Fourth - fruit/flowers, appliances
Fifth wood, silverware
Sixth - candy/iron, wood
Seventh - wool/copper, desk sets
Eighth bronze/pottery, linens, lace
Ninth - pottery/willow, leather
Tenth - tin/aluminum, diamond jewelry
Eleventh steel, fashion jewelry
Twelfth - silk/linen, pearls
Thirteenth lace, textiles/furs
Fourteenth ivory, gold jewelry
Fifteenth crystal, watches
Twentieth china, platinum
Twenty-Fifth silver, silver
Thirtieth pearl, diamond
Thirty-Fifth coral, jade
Fortieth ruby, ruby
Forty-Fifth sapphire, sapphire
Fiftieth gold, gold
Fifty-Fifth emerald, emerald
Sixtieth diamond, diamond
Seventy-fifth diamond, diamond
The perfect gift...
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